Photo by Monique Haen
Photo by Monique Haen


Share your stories of how you used WildHelp to find assistance for a wild animal.

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I just found out about this amazing App called WildHelp and I was able to download it into my iPhone and used it immediately following what I considered an urgent situation.

This past Memorial weekend, I located a small squirrel that looked sick, lethargic and confused laying on the driveway of my home in Los Feliz, California. Concerned for it’s well being, my husband and I decided we should capture it inside a shoe box, poke small holes throughout the top so it could breathe and find help for it asap!!


Not knowing what to do, my first instinct was to go online and search for help and somehow, I came across an organization in Northern California who mentioned the existence of this new WildHelp App and without hesitation, I went into iTunes, found it and downloaded it into my phone completely free of charge!

I immediately proceeded to follow the prompts and provided my name, address and contact number and this whole process was so easy, I thought it would somehow stop working or give me trouble but it guided me through with extreme ease and it even allowed me to take a picture of the little animal and once this procedure was over (it could not have taken more than 5 minutes), the App provided me with info on where to bring the tiny squirrel so it could get the precious help it needed!!

I jumped on my car and drove to the place which was approx. 9 miles away and on my way there I received a phone call from the creator of the App herself! A friendly voice concerned over the same things I am concerned about.

I cannot express my gratitude to Rebecca, the Creator of this App and to all those who partner in its use for the well-being of the needy sick wild life out there! Because of this App, I was able to help a precious little squirrel and I can relax in the knowledge that I can be of help to other injured animals in my area if the situation presents itself again. I highly recommend this App and will definitely use it and pass the word on to others out there. 

Thank You so much, Rebecca!  – X. V.


I took a walk along the beach today and came across what seemed to be a young sea lion struggling in the surf at the beach line. I wasn’t sure if he needed help or not, but didn’t want to walk by without alerting someone, but who?


I remembered about an app that I heard about on the news that connects you to animal rescue. I couldn’t remember the name, but knew it was wild something. I typed in “wild” in the App Store and WildHelp came up. I downloaded it right there on the beach, quickly filled out the information, and got the number to call for help.

The Marine Mammal Center answered and took the information. They told me they were on it. I walked away feeling that the little guy was sure to be safe and well taken care of if he needed anything.

Thanks Rebecca for making such a wonderful life saving app!! I’m glad I now have it ready to go on my phone in the event I need it again. – V. C.